WDX-4000 Type:WDX-4000

WDX-4000 Type:WDX-4000

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Product description, Technical parameters and configuration

Based on years of R&D and production experience on simultaneous wavelength-dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, Skyray Instrument proudly launched WDX-4000, the first sequential wavelength-dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer integrating unique innovation. The performances of WDX-4000 meet the requirements of JJG 810-1993 Verification regulation for Wavelength-dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometers. It can be used in fields of mineral, cement, steel and environmental protection. By a large number of general designs, WDX-4000 provides reliable and economical maintenance to customers in time.

Unique Goniometer design
 Innovative and igneoussteel-belt-drive system. This patented design provides no friction, no backlash, stable motion which guarantee the most accuracy angular positioning.
 θ/2θ spindle has independent drive system with servo motor and optical encoder feedback.
 Permanent magnet synchronous motor(PMSM) providesthe fast and smooth motion.
 Optical encoder’s 0.0002°resolution and 0.0006°accuracy ensures that the integrated system has excellent performance.
Multi-channel Analyzer
 12bits, 80Msps, the most powerful AD sampling system, records signal completely and accurately.
 4096 (12bit) channels analyzer based on high speed FPGA architecture and robust DSP algorithm is able to discriminate proper X-ray from stray X-ray.
 Energy-dispersive function is additional.
X-ray Tube and HV generator
 Standard 4kW power system provides ultra-sensitivity for trace element analysis and a faster speed of analysis.
 The thin beryllium window (50um or 75um) provides ultra-high transmission of X-ray, especial to low energy X-ray region. 
 Max. 60kV and 140mA, (75kV and 160mA is optional) and flexible setting helps analysis method to be much finer.
 Dual water cooling circulation system, conductivity of deionized water lower than 1uS by resin increases of tube’s service life as long as possible. 
 Multilayer analyzer crystal optimized on wavelengthor intensity by customer’s request. Higher resolution and reflectivity improves light element analysis ability.
 The thickness of Flow proportional counter’s window is only 0.3um, provides higher transmission of light element.
 Temperature fluctuation of spectrometer cabinet is within ±0.05˚C. 
 Automatic crystal, collimator, filter changer.
 Complete and abundant functionality.
 State-of-the art 32-bit software with friendly graphic use interface and flexible operation, ease of use.
 Matured empirical method provides accurate and reliable databy standard specimens.
 Fundamental parameter method offers versatility analyses, semi- quantitative and quantitative analyze is available without standard specimens.
 Integrated SQLite database stores your setting and analysis data.

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