OSA100 Type:OSA100

OSA100 Type:OSA100

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Product description, Technical parameters and configuration

Instrument introduction

XFR On-stream Slurry Analyzer (OSA100), a large scale on-line concentration monitoring analyzer of integration of optic and machinery can be widely applied in such industries as non-ferrous metal, metallurgy and mineral processing. The analyzer has the advantage of automation, high intelligent, stable working, reliability, speed analysis, accuracy and easy operation and maintenance. The system combined with high integration function, compact structure and wide flow channel expansion can satisfy the analysis needs of different scale mine users by adopting modular design conception. Furthermore, it can participate in process automation control.

Performance characteristics

Automation, High Intelligent Degree
The system realizes computer automatic control sampling, measurement and analysis, composition sampling and data processing. Adopting pneumatic and electric control technology, the system runs reliably, maintains easily and has no environment pollution. With powerful function and high intelligent, the work station can release teledata with own error diagnosis and alarming mechanism.

Stable Analysis and Reliability 
The measurement value of monitoring standard sample can give long-term drifting of instrument automatic compensation. Moreover, the instrument has the “linearization calibration” function to greatly improve adaptive ability of the analysis mathematical model and ensure the analysis precision.

Representativeness, Novelty, Rapid Accuracy and Accurate
In order to make sure the sample possessing enough representativeness, novelty and reflecting real process, the slurry sample box adopts fluidics technology by using fluid cross-section sampling and gap sampling and other methods. Calibration sampling may take out two parallel samples one time to guarantee the precision and reliability of sampling.
In addition, under the normal operation condition, the system can give out analysis result of 12 channels in 12-13 minutes with rapid analysis speed, thus achieves production instruction. Comparatively, traditional laboratory analysis with manual sampling cannot succeed in instructing production because the time lags badly and the operators unable to get the production process status and the change tendency in time.

Safe and radiation-free 
The unique structure design with the entire light channel sealed ensures no radiation in areas the human existing when operating and maintaining. Moreover, the instrument can protect human from accident injuries with its interconnection mechanism on machinery and electronic safety protection. In addition, the instrument taking X-Ray tube as ray excitation source has no risks such as recycling, storage and fire brought by isotope radioactive source. Further, when the sample box is in empty, radiation from special structural dispersive X-Ray can be neglected.

Easy Operation and Maintenance
The system of modulus design, high integration, and small volume is easy to operate and maintain. And using pneumatic and electric control working model, it runs stably, reliably and maintains easily without any pollution. Moreover, the system realizes computer automation, intelligent control and management. Maintenance is more or less needed.

The working station controls the analysis instrument system operating and completes the data analysis, management and issue.
High intelligent; self-diagnosis and error alarming mechanism
Powerful channel configuration function can make analysis and composition sampling independently in optional order. 
The system has characteristic integration, using practical multivariate linear regression analysis method to establish and complete analytical mathematics model.
The quality/instant return ratio information will be shown in table or trend chart and can be released in Intranet, Internet or scene display monitor terminal. 
Easy operation and excellent interaction

Technical specifications





Analysis method

Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis Method


Measurable Element

Elements of No between 20th-92th can be measured


Channel Capacity

Measure up to 24 channels in any sequences. The system can make configuration by 6, 12, 18, 24 channels according to users’ needs.


Primary sampling



Secondary sampling

About 0L/min


Composition Sampling and Period

Typical composition sampling is 50ml, and the period is 10 minutes, adjustable.


Measurement Time of strength

Set different measurement times for every channel. Typical value is 30 seconds.


Measurement Period

Calculate on the basis of measurement time of every channel. Taking 30 seconds as the basis, it takes 12-13 minutes to measure 12 samples current.


Short-time Stability

Under certain condition, the stability of measurement strength is better than 0.1%


Long-time Stability

The measurement value of monitoring calibration sample can give long-term drifting of instrument automatic compensation, and the software can be measured by monitoring sample. The standard sample with linear calibration can give analytical mathematical model calibration.


Detection Limit

For most elements, the minimum detection limit is 30-500ppm.


Slurry Density

Generally it is 10-40%, and the upper limit depends on sand pump.


Content Range

0.005-100%,, the slurry weight percentage.



The accuracy specification is based on the measurement of the flowing slurry samples using measurement times for real applications. Accuracy of measurement is a function of sample parameters such as matrix composition, mineralization and particle size. Typically under normal operation conditions, for minor concentrations, the relative standard deviation is 6%-12%; for major

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