LC-310 Type:LC-310

LC-310 Type:LC-310

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Product description, Technical parameters and configuration

Performance characteristics

LC-310 High-performance Liquid Chromatograph is launched by Skyray Instrument with years of comprehensive experience in research and development of LC, representing that Skyray Instrument has reached a new height in R&D of LC and achieving the best balance in high performance, high stability and usage of LC. Skyray Instrument will offer you the liquid chromatograph of the best performance.

LC-310 High-performance Liquid Chromatograph has improved its separation, sensitivity, speed, accuracy and stability. Advanced series pump and check valve incorporated the world most advanced experiences in manufacturing and application, ensuring the user can achieve the accuracy and pulsation of solvent deliver. The minimum system dead volume helps to improve the working ability 100%. LC-310 HPLC has provided complete solution to liquid chromatography.

Technical specifications

Technical specifications of the pump:
Flow rate Control Range: 0.001~9.999mL/min(step adjustable flow rate:0.001mL/min)
Flow rate stability deviation: Sr≤0.3% RSD<0.006% 
Specification Error SS: SS≤2%(Flow rate 1mL/min, pure water, pressure 5~10Mpa, room temperature)
Pressure linearity and test accuracy: indicates pressure error smaller than 0.5Mpa (0~42MPa)
Pulse pressure:≤0.1MPa (Flow rate 1mL/min, pressure 5~10Mpa)
Airproof of pump: pressure 42MPa, time 10min, and pressure fall< 0.5MPa
Maximal operating pressure: 42MPa(flow rate: 0.001~9.999mL/min)
Dimension: 450mmX300mmX160mm (length x width x height)
Technical specifications of UV detector:
Wavelength range: 190-680nm
Spectral bandwidth: 8nm
Wavelength indicated value error: ≤±1nm
Wavelength repetitiveness: better than 0.1nm
Baseline noise: ≤2X10-5AU(Dynamic)
Baseline drift: ≤2X10-4AU(Dynamic)
Minimum detectable concentration: 1 X 10-8g/ mL (naphthalene/methanol solution)
Dimension: 450mmX300mmX160mm (length x width x height)

Standard configurations

Standard P100 high pressure constant flow pump
UV100 UV detector
7725i manual injector
Exformma Pronaos Series chromatographic column
WS100 workstation software
The above configurations may vary upon users’ requirements.

Application fields

Science and Education 

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