Environmental Heavy Metal Online Analyze Type:EHM-X100

Environmental Heavy Metal Online Analyze Type:EHM-X100

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Product description, Technical parameters and configuration

20 years of XRF Research Experiences, Professional design for detecting of Environmental Heavy Metals!

Environmental Heavy Metal Online Analyzer (EHM-X100), which utilizes the patented technology of Skyray Instrument --- X-ray fluorescence (XRF) nondestructive testing technology, in perfect combination with the environmental particulate matter (PM) automatic deposit technology, is well in compliance with USA EPA Method IO-3.3. By using the core technologies such as the unique X-ray source, the sample excitation structure, the detection system, the PM automatic deposit and automatic sample changing system, the EHM-X100 system has greatly improved its detecting sensitivity of atmospheric heavy metal particles, and can accordingly realize the detection of low-content heavy metals such as Pb, Cd, Cr, As, etc.. Furthermore, it can also achieve the continuous automatic monitoring with long-term (1 to 3 months) unattended operation.
So far, EHM-X100 has been referred to Kunshan Environmental Monitoring Station, Suzhou Environmental Monitoring Center, Jiangsu Provincial Environmental Monitoring Center and China National Environmental Monitoring Center, respectively, to carry out the environmental technology verification according to the agreed test plan. In addition, we have signed an alliance protocol with a French professional environmental technology company – ARIA TECHNOLOGIES, to promote the environmental heavy metal monitoring system.


Core Analyzer

The analyzer consists of particulate matter (PM) automatic sampling system (particulate matter cutter, DHS dynamic heating device, flow measurement device, sampling pump), sample changing system (reel-to-reel PTFE membrane tape sampling, tape transport plate), XRF analysis module (X-ray tube, X-ray detector, digital multichannel analyzer, FP algorithm analysis software), and control system (sampling control, membrane tape transport, XRF detecting, flow record and control, calculation of pollutant concentration, result display, etc.). These four systems, excluding PM cutters, are integrated in a single cabinet, convenient for installation and transportation.

Heavy Metals Workstation

(1) User can deliberately choose from 5U ultrathin integrated industrial computer (with 10’’ touch screen and various expansion ports) and 15’’ touch screen controller (with height of 10U on 19’’ cabinet), whose basic configurations are at least dual-core CPU 2GHz, with RAM over 2GB and Hard disk over 8 GB.
(2) Interface: input/output interface 24VDC, 2A, RS232 serial port (Modbus protocol, max. 38.4k bps); the internet interface connects between the workstation and the analyzer, to which guarantees bulk data transmission.

(1) EHM-X100 control and comprehensive analysis software supports both Chinese and English interfaces and touch screen operation, displays information like real-time sampling flow rate, sampling time, measuring status, heavy metal concentrations, concentration curves. It also has the functions of self-diagnosis and setting, real-time condition monitoring, with large storage space for over 10 years of monitoring data. With application of the advanced hierarchical modular design, the system possesses functions like data setting, calibration, saving, display, query, analysis and communication.
(2) Through open communication protocol, user can access data collection platform to network with provincial and national stations.
(3) The saved monitoring data files can be exported in TXT or EXCEL. The software saves energy scanning spectrograms of each measurement and calibration, and supports retrieval and query.

Particulate matter cutter
TSP, PM10and PM2.5 cutters are optional to realize the measurements of heavy metal particles with different aerodynamic sizes. Meanwhile, outdoor temperature sensor is also equipped, with a shutter cover and lightning protective isolator.
It is also equipped with roof fitting, which can mount the cutter on roof. Users can choose vehicle-mounted platform making cutter fixed on car roof.

Sampling pump
A highly efficient diaphragm pump is adopted with maximum flow rate of 168 L/min and the minimum vacuum pressure of 60 Torr.

Application Fields

EHM-X100 is capable of continuously measuring and analyzing multiple heavy metals found in atmospheric particles. Key applications include:
1.Air quality monitoring
2.Feature analysis of atmospheric particles
3.Atmospheric background measurement
4.Environmental assessment and permission
5.Positioning and tracing of pollution source
6.Pollution forecast and early warning


1. Perfect combination of the advanced X-ray Fluorescent (XRF) non-destructive testing technology and atmosphere automatic deposit technology, complying with USA EPA Method IO-3.3.
2. Optionally equipped with various particulate matter cutters, realizing measurements of heavy metal particles with different aerodynamic sizes.
3. Precise concentration detection of up to 30 heavy metals such as Pb, Cd, Cr, As etc., with detection sensitivity unit in pg/m3; the measurable heavy metal range can be expanded.
4. The core analyzer utilizes international standard 19” cabinet which can be installed either on mobile monitoring vehicle or on the stand rack of atmosphere auto-monitoring station.
5. With 20 years accumulation of XRF technology, industrial grade electrical design and lightning protection, the analyzer is of high operational reliability and stability, supports failure-free operation in 24 hours for 365 days, and also has functions of intelligent fault diagnosis and self-troubleshooting.
6. Low background detecting with stray light-free design and automatically changeable filters;
7. In-built calibration module calibrates wavelength and intensity automatically, with calibration frequency can be set arbitrarily. Internal standard calibration source for Pb, Cd, Cr, As, Mn, etc.(customized) can realize automatic quality control and alarm.
8. Mass flow controller and multi-dimensional temperature sensor precisely control the sampling flow rate; automatic standard flow meter is equipped to realize flow self-calibration.
9. It supports various data transmission modes like RS232/485, USB, GPRS, ADSL, Ethernet etc., realizing remote transmission, control and inspection of operational parameters, status and data; together with Genius 9000 Handheld Soil Heavy Metal Analyzer and HM-3000P Portable Water Quality Heavy Metals Analyzer of Skyray, it constitutes an efficient heavy metal three-dimensional monitoring network.
10. With application of the advanced hierarchical modular design, the system possesses functions like data setting, calibration, saving, display, query, analysis and communication, which complies with Standard for Data Communication of Pollution Emission Auto Monitoring System (HJ/T 212-2005). User can also customize extensive features quickly and easily if required.
11. Professional anti-radiation treatment guarantees no radiation leakage during measurement, which has passed the inspection and certification of relative national departments.

Software Advantage

Clear interface, easy to operate, four display modes
Current State Diagram, Debugging Interface Diagram, Concentration Value Chart, Concentration Tendency Chart

Technical Parameters

1. Key applicable elements: Pb, and up to30 elements including Cd, Hg, As, Cr, Cu, Zn, Ni, Ba, Fe, Ag, Se, Br, Te, Sb, Sn, Ti, Co, Mn, Pd, Tl, Sc, Mo, V, Cs, Ga, Ca, K, Sr, Cl (elements can be added according to customer’s demands); NIST-traceable standard sample film, recommended by EPA Method IO-3.3, is optional.
2. Applicable standard: USA EPA IO-3.3 Standard, Determination of Metals in Ambient Particulate Matters Using X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) Spectroscopy
3. Measurement range: 0~200 μg/m3
4. Detection limit: in magnitude of pg/m3 (with sampling time for 1 hour and flow rate for 16.7 L/min)
5. Sample flow rate: (0~20) L/min adjustable
6. Sampling and analysis times: sampling period is 15-1440 min and customizable; continuous sampling is required; sampling and analysis can be performed simultaneously, without sampling interval dead time
7. Linear correlation coefficient > 0.99
8. Repeatability RSD < 1.0% (standard sample of Pb)
9. Accuracy: relative error < 15% (Pb, compared with national standard laboratory method, sampling time is larger than 1 hour)
10. Safety protection: multiple X-ray radiation protection devices ensure radiation dose less than 2.5 μ Gy/h (5 cm to cabinet); X-ray tube is closed automatically when opening analyzer cover to protect operators.
11. Operation mode: continuous and automatic monitoring; one-year failure-free operation, and self recovery function after abnormal power off.
12. Control mode: PC-controlled, with self diagnosis & setting function and real-time status monitoring function; enables monitoring data saving of over 10 years.
13. Software interface: supports Chinese/English interface, touch screen operation, displays information like real-time sampling flow rate, sampling time, measuring status, heavy metal concentrations (under standard condition or non-standard condition), and concentration curves.
14. Installation: standard cabinet can be installed either on mobile monitoring vehicle or on the stand rack of atmosphere auto-monitoring station;
15. Core analyzer dimension: 482 mm(19”) x 420 mm x 600 mm(14U)

Operating condition

1. Environmental temperature: (15~ 30) ℃;
2. Environmental humidity: 20% RH ~ 70%RH;
3. Power supply: AC220V±20%, 50Hz

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